Hi, I’m Michael Pascaris. I have been teaching and leading in TDSB special education programs for ten years.

My career began in 2011 at a treatment centre for children with a dual-diagnosis. As a rookie teacher, I led a classroom team of school board support staff and agency personnel as we balanced the educational and treatment needs of students with multiple exceptionalities.

After that, I led an autism intensive support program within a high school for six years. In that role, I created a vocational training program that fostered an inclusive learning community within my school and prepared students with autism to transition successfully to co-op placements, meaningful employment, and college.

Currently, I lead the Special Education department at my high school in Toronto. As a teacher and assistant curriculum leader I help my colleagues by sharing strategies and resources for leading inclusive classrooms and using technology as a tool to empower students of all abilities.

In 2020 I completed my Master of Education degree with a focus on educational leadership and leveraging technology to support students of all abilities.

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